Sunday, May 5, 2013

Martha Stewart Crafts: Outdated, but Addicting Anyway.

So, I’m addicted to watching videos from Martha StewartCrafts’ Youtube page. And I feel bad, because honestly, it's kind of a crappy channel. 

Things I do like about Martha Stewart:
  1. Glitter—Seriously somebody over there is like obsessed with making every color of the rainbow happen in glitter. Martha Stewart Crafts is the Crayola of glitter.
  2. Scoring Board. That thing is about a thousand times more useful than the Scoring Buddy I used to see on Youtube all the time with scoring grooves consistently across the whole board, instead of intermittently.
  3. Paper Punches—they may be crazy bulky, but they’re still cool.
  4. The fact that she has a product for everything. It’s a little crazy. But in some areas, she does take it too far. See number 2 in the list below.
  5. All of the product is branded really well and really distinctively. Which makes it fun to look at!

But seriously, Martha, get with the program.

Here’s what Martha needs to change about her Crafting division:
  1. Make videos that don’t look and sound as if they were made in the 80s. Seriously.  Can you believe they posted this video just last year? And the music they use reminds me of my favorite British TV show from 10 years ago, about 2 gardening detectives in their 60s. (Okay, the music in the last couple ha been better. But still. Not a lot better. Just let people talk!)
  2. Quit making weird products that anybody with half a brain realizes is wasteful. And weird. Like the glitter-clean-up-roller. Like the top comment in the youtube video says, I use glitter over a piece of paper, so I can reuse as much glitter as possible. 
  3. Let the people promoting her products in videos sound a little more excited and spontaneous. The people talking in her videos are following the world’s most bland script. Ever.
  4. Make videos of people creating products, not all how-to videos. Seriously Martha, check out Hero Art’s Youtube page. 
  5. And make more videos in general. 41 videos over 5 years is so not enough! Hero Arts has over 300!

And yet, despite my complaints, and the videos that are (SLOWLY) getting better (check out the videos from 2009 to get a blast from the past), I still enjoy drooling over Martha’s stuff. Why? Because I’m addicted to crafting products. And they look pretty. And I really am surprised every time they come out with another kinda-weird-kinda-useful product! But mostly, it’s because I’m addicted to well-designed crafting product, even if it’s mildly unreliable, like the Simple Circle Cutter.

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