Thursday, May 2, 2013

You Make Me Feel Existentially Dizzy Card

So, I'm pretty excited about this card! I came up with this (minorly sentimental, majorly off-kilter) sentiment when I was walking in the rain a few weeks ago, actually. I love thunderstorms, and I was trying to come up with something that described my exhilaration. And then a few days ago, an idea for a card popped into my head! Ta-Da! Low on products, high on impact, what is up?! 

 I used a stipple brush, something like this to put the paint on, and now looking back at the picture, I see you can really tell near the bottom of the circle where the paint pattern gets a little repetitive, as if I had used the clone tool in photoshop really poorly.  Gah, note to self: turn the stipple brush, Antonia, turn it!

Anyway, I started out with a basic card base, and just started stippling blue and black acrylic paint onto the card directly. It bowed out a little so I heated it with my heat gun.

You can really see the effect the stippling motion has on the paint here: it brings a sort of rough texture to the card, which I really liked the look of.

I just put some paint on a post-it (for easy clean up) and mixed light blue and black together to create a deep blue and put that on the card in a rough circle. After I filled the circling in with a straight up and down stippling motion, I added some black paint without mixing to give the paint a varied sort of sky-gradient. I just love how it turned out!

Then I hand-lettered the sentiment, taking care to keep everything centered, while embracing a sort of free-er look by not drawing any guidelines ahead of time! I also made a mistake, which you can see in the picture above a little. I accidentally wrote "YOU" instead of "MAKE," but I wiped it off with a baby wipe before it got too dry.

Then, once the letters were dried, I added in stars and dots. Done.

Stipple Brush
Black Acrylic Paint
Light Blue Folk Art Acrylic Paint
Gold Sakura Gelly Roll Pen
White Sakura Gelly Roll Pen
Recollections Value Pack Cardstock Paper in Kraft 

Heat Gun

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