Wednesday, May 1, 2013

(Explicit) Third Badass Card

So this is the last card in my series of 3 badass cards. This is the fastest, and, I think, has the coolest lettering.

I wanted to do this rather explicit card mostly because I thought it'd be fun! Like the concept of "badass" cards that I've been running with the last several days, this card promotes a sense of irreverence, for that best friend who really is totally BA. And I also wanted to write this out because there is a certain grandeur about cursing. It's rare to see it just one the shelves of your Hallmark card section (although can you blame Hallmark? Overprotective mothers would throw a fit!) But I definitely think there is something about saying these phrases that are rather taboo (and yet aren't hurting anyone, especially in this context.) It feels freeing, and therefore recursively self-reinforcing of the message. What I'm saying is, you feel like a badass, just saying the word badass because it's taboo. Doubly so for motherfucking badass.

Also, I think this is a good sentiment because it's a tiny bit vague and therefore the intent of the card can be whatever it needs to be: just saying hi, a congrats card, a happy birthday card, you name it.

This card is embossed with embossing powder, and melted, giving it that really nice 3D texture. I sketched out the words ahead of time with a mechanical pencil, lightly. Then I traced the pencil with a Zig 2-way Embossing Pen. I had to do it in sections, because otherwise the ink from the embossing pen would dry out and the embossing powder wouldn't stick to it. (I wrote out, "motherfucking" first, covered it in powder, and then wrote out, "badass," and covered it with powder.) Then I hit it with a heat gun, and that's all there is too it.

You can see in the pictures how there is a little bit of embossing powder that stuck to the page. I could have gotten rid of stuff like that by wiping down the page with a powder tool or embossing buddy or something, but on this card especially, I kind of like it. I think it brings a little interest to an otherwise very simple card.

I was saving this for a while, because I couldn't decide if I should try to put something else on the card, but as of yet, nothing's occurred to me, so for the foreseeable future at least, there are no embellishments on the card. I guess that means it'd be a good card to mail, haha!

Since this is such a simple card, expect another card soon, today or tomorrow!

Zig 2-way Embossing Pen (I used the purple pen)
Gold Embossing Powder
Recollections Value Pack Cardstock Paper in Kraft 
Heat Gun

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