Friday, April 26, 2013

Second Badass Card

So, after I made the last card I posted here, (this one), I was still feeling like I hadn't achieved my goal. I was trying to create a card that spoke to me, personally, and would be the kind of thing that my best friend would buy for me...(or vice versa!)

I had the labeling tape out on my desk from the previous card, and suddenly a super simple design occurred to me, a flash of inspiration!

I used my T-square ruler to measure out the center of the card, aligned my Martha Stewart Crafts Circle Cutter to the center of the circle, and instead of cutting a circle, used it to create a perfectly centered circle. Unfortunately, that circle cutter is extremely sensitive to angles, so the circle came out a tiny bit lopsided. So I decided to fix the situation by drawing several circles, so visually it would look like all of the circles were fine, just not exactly centered.

And from there it was a walk in the park. Create labels. Cut at appropriate length. Adhere.

I really really really love how this one turned out. It probably took 3 minutes to make, but it  looks fantastic. Bold, modern, clean and simple. Sooo coool.

And I know this seems like a bizarrely specific and altogether odd card to make. But, I kind of see it as a version of those "Thinking of You" cards or "Sending Love" or "Just Because" cards. I think people ought to give more cards to people on days that aren't Christmas or their birthday, and this seems like the perfect thing to give someone on a Wednesday, just because. 

Also, check it out! I finally have a pen that I didn't take from a Realty agency, so I can link to the actual pen I used!


Pilot BeGreen Precise V5 Roll Ball Pen

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