Thursday, April 25, 2013

You are a BADASS card

So this is totally a salvaged card. You can kind of tell in the lower right corner in the gray, there are some faint lighter squares. This was going to be a modern, simple, stylish card to give to a total badass. That didn’t work out quite so much.
On the sentiment: when I made this, I was trying to think of a card that said something that I really wanted to receive. And I came up with this because it's fun, not overly sweet, and still complimentary. 

So I started out writing BAD-ASS out by hand, and using a gold pen to make a neat pattern of squares near the bottom of the card.  Unfortunately I also wrote, “I think you’re a…” near the top of the card and hated it, so I decided to fix it by masking off the center of the card and inking the rest of the card so it would be a medium gray-color.

Then I spent some time trying to figure out some stripes of paper that I liked together here. I inked the striped pattern darker, so it wouldn’t be such a strong visual element. Then I spent time arranging it all (and rearranging it!) Then I added all of the embellishments on top.

I made these leaf embellishments myself with a leaf stamp from Martha Stewart on tan Recollections cardstock and then cut them all out by hand. I popped a few of them up with foam tape to make the bunches more interesting without being overwhelming.

I traced the edge of the gem on the little tag and then cut it out, so I could pop it up on foam tape and still have it hug the gem. Normally I’d just put it behind the gem, but this card has some very interesting dimensional elements and I wanted to continue that theme.

This card and the card I’m posting tomorrow are two variations on badassery. My philosophy is that there are many types of badasses, so it makes sense that there are infinite types of cards for those badasses. Duh. Also this card relieved some of my hunger to make collage cards for a while.

Yuletide Joy Paper Pack by the Paper Studio (checked pattern and striped pattern)
Colorbök Paperpad in Cool Earthtones
Artist’s Tape


Brown Teardrop Build a Bauble Gem by Prima
Recollections Rhinestone Stickers (Pearl)
Photo Corners made from Dymo Labelling Tape
thrift store gray lace




Typewriter: Xerox 6010 Memorywriter

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