Monday, March 25, 2013

What Makes a Good Crafting Blog?

I've been thinking a lot about this question recently, mostly because on Emily Branch's website, she talks a lot about her goals.

I just started following her, and from what I gather, her blog just got a huge overhaul. In fact, as she says in this post, about her previous blog:

I wasn't designing for my brand. I wasn't making a name for me. Heck, I had been blogging for two years, with no changes in readership or influence. These questions and this top ten number one point also motivated me to re-brand Emily Branch Designs, offering new content designed to help you, the reader understand your brand, expand your readership and enjoy the being the divine crafter that you are.

My Response

I totally get what she's saying about her previous content not being inspiring. Now she's got all of these tutorials, top 10 lists, and how to blog better posts. And that's got me thinking, should I be trying to create all of these different types of posts? 

But today, I struck a pact with myself: I'm cool with doing a lot of simple project posts, where I share what I've been working on, for one big reason: that what I crave on other blogs: I get inspired by looking at a lot of other cool projects. So turns out, I'm cool with being uncomfortable with focusing on this targeted type of content aimed at improving crafters. I'm here to inspire and share.

 I mean, don't get me wrong, she's got some cool things to say. This post, about blog design, has me rethinking my backdrop and header. So, no fear, I'm trying to listen to what she's saying!

What I'm Planning

What I am thinking now, though, is that I do notice top trends and new techniques and stuff like that. And I enjoy sharing when I do unusual stuff myself. So in my longer posts, I'll probably alternate a bit between projects, and how-tos/fyi posts/ruminations about crafting. And in between, when the though strikes me, there'll be stuff like this, where I'm telling you my thoughts on crafty-things.

I'm also looking forward to some of my how-tos to be abou how to simulate new trends with older materials. As a college student, I'm crafting on a budget, with a limited supply. I don't like to order a lot of stuff online, and the nearest craft store that isn't Walmart is probably an hour away. But I like it that way. Keeping my materials basic and simple puts limits on me and forces creativity. So I have a lot to say about how to repurpose basic supplies for new trends, like that geometrical pattern stuff that's been so popular in fashion and in stamping right now. (Lawn Fawn is driving me crazy with envy about those arrow stamps: I think I'm going to have to do something with arrows and triangles very soon! And even fashion week is down on geometrical patterns. I mean, look at all of those flower fabrics complimented by bold, graphic shapes. And that's followed by the models in bold, graphic stripes. Super exciting, as far as I'm concerned!)

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